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Cattle: SILVER CHALLENGE CUP (supreme champion): Rebecca Stapleton SILVER CUP (Holstein champion): Edward Fort THE GEORGE THOMPSON MEMORIAL TROPHY (most points in show): Bobby Cranshaw THE AIREVILLE ROSEBOWL (best local animal bred by exhibitor): Deidre Throup THE CRAVEN TENANT FARMERS’ CUP (champion of calf handling & YFC winners of classes 1,11,21,31): Bobby Cranshaw THE AIREBURN CUP (best registered Holstein Friesian cow in milk): D N & J Booth PRESTON FARMERS ROSE BOWL (best registered Holstein Friesian Heifer in milk): Edward Fort SETTLE LIMES SILVER CUP (best registered Holstein Friesian cow in calf): Edward Fort THE AIREBANK TROPHY (best registered Holstein Friesian heifer in calf): TBC THE HESPER CUP (best Holstein Friesian bred by an exhibitor): Edward Fort MOORHOUSE SILVER  CUP (best Ayrshire cow in milk): Bobby Cranshaw HOWARTH SILVER JUBILEE CHALLENGE CUP (best Ayrshire heifer in milk): Ian Patrick MRS COULTHURST SILVER CHALLENGE CUP (best Ayrshire cow or heifer in calf): Bobby Cranshaw THE MARIGOLD CUP (best Ayrshire bred by an exhibitor): Bobby Cranshaw THE LESLIE HOWARD PERPETUAL MEMORIAL TROPHY (champion Jersey): Rebecca Stapleton THE FRANCIS AND ROSIE KITCHEN CUP (best Jersey bred by an exhibitor): Messrs Barker & Acy HESLAKER CHALLENGE TROPHY (champion Shorthorn): Mrs A E Wilks AGRICULTURAL SECTION COMMITTEE SILVER ROSE BOWL (champion Shorthorn): Mrs A E Wilks THE JOHN IBBOTSON ROSE BOWL (best Jersey heifer in milk): Ribble Jerseys THE COLIN HESELTON TROPHY (best animal in beef classes): J Stephenson KEELHAM FARM SHOP TROPHY (champion commercial beef): Mellin & Cropper HAIGHTON SILVER CUP (best YFC animal): TBC
Sheep: THE McKELL FAMILY TROPHY (champion sheep): Kenton Foster, Leyburn THE GEORGE & JOHN BECKWITH MEMORIAL CUP (most points in the sheep section): Andrew Fisher, Pateley Bridge THE BERNARD CAPSTICK MEMORIAL CUP (champion Dalesbred): John Bradley, Giggleswick THE DEREK BINNS CUP (champion Texel): Margaret Perrings & daughters, Giggleswick THE REEDAY FAMILY CUP (champion Suffolk Sheep): Josh Lawn, Bradford THE BOB NEWBY CUP (champion male Texel): John & Alison North, Giggleswick R. F. CATON SILVER JUBILEE CUP (champion mule): John Wilson, Settle K. H. THROUP & SONS SILVER JUBILEE CUP  (champion half bred/ Masham): Andrew Fisher a/a THE T. M. IRVING SILVER CUP (most points in Swaledale classes  AND  points    carried forward to Tennant Gill Cup at Malham and Kilnsey shows):  Bill and Robert Cowperthwaite, Malham Moor. CRAVEN CATTLE MART  TROPHY (champion young handler): Amelia Rogers, Halton East WINDLE, BEECH & WINTHROP TROPHY (champion Beltex): Karen Shuttleworth, Gargrave THE HURRSDALE CUP (champion Jacob): Clive Richardson, Kendal THE STEPHEN PEPPER CUP  (champion pair of fat lambs): John Stephenson, Bordley THE DAWSON FAMILY (champion Teeswater): Andrew Fisher  a/a THE ST. ANDREWS CHURCH CUP (champion Bluefaced Leicester): Jim Parker, Earby THE TENNANT CUP (champion Swaledale): Richard Close, Starrbotton
Shire Horses: THE GEORGE LOWTHER MEMORIAL CUP (best brood mare with foal): Richard & Robert Bedford J. ISHERWOOD SILVER CUP (best colt or filly foal): Richard & Robert Bedford  Hunters: M. BROOK SILVER TROPHY (nursery stakes working hunter): Gabrielle Wright F. C. MOSELEY SILVER CUP (best novice working hunter/pony): Katrina Braithwaite H. BANNISTER SILVER CUP (best open working hunter horse): Katrina Braithwaite MRS J. B. COULTHURST SILVER CUP (best open working hunter pony): Jessica Walker THE TOM BANNISTER MEMORIAL CUP (champion hunter): Katrina Braithwaite  Shetlands: RIBBLESDALE TROPHY (champion pony): Cora Ramsey STOCKACLOSE TROPHY (miniature pony, three and under): D A & D Dixon CRAVEN SHETLANDS TROPHY (best opposite sex to champion): Eileen Barnes  Show Jumping: TRIERS CUP (best turnout & effort in judge’s view): Oscar Kershaw THE ANCHOR INN SILVER ROSE BOWL (ponies not exc 148cm: fences 70cm): Gabrielle Wright SHIELD (ponies not exc 148cm: fences 80cm): Gabrielle Wright HUMPHREYS SILVER CUP (horses exc 148cm: fences 80cm): Louise Naylor BRIAN REEVES TROPHY (horses exc 148cm: fences 90cm): Kimberley Vonstade MR & MRS HOLMES SILVER CUP (horses exc 148cm: fences 1M): Keith Rosier
Produce and cakes: COULTHURST SILVER CUP (most points in handicrafts section): Kate Darley COCKSHOTT CUP (most points in the produce and cakes section): Jimmy Fitton GARGRAVE VILLAGE HALL LADIES’ SILVER TROPHY (ladies section member with most points): Caroline Thompson SUSAN GRAVESTON TROPHY (most points in the baking section): Margaret Airey CLOUGH CUP (most points in children’s baking): Holly Fawcett VERONICA SHARP MEMORIAL TROPHY (best exhibit children’s baking): Emily Claxton SWALES SILVER CUP (most points in children’s handicrafts): Samuel Bakewell
Horticulture: J. B. LONGBOTTOM SILVER CUP (best exhibit in vegetable classes): Billy & Anne Robinson T. A. GARNETT SILVER CUP (best exhibit in flower classes): Raymond Pollard MRS J. H. CARVER SILVER CUP (best exhibit in floral arrangement classes): Heidi Cannon
The Poultry Section was not contested in 2017
Poultry and Eggs: DON HUTCHINSON CUP (best eggs [donated by Colin Wood]): Andrew Peach
Fell Racing: McKELL TROPHY (highest placed local male runner): Tom Barrett SILENTNIGHT CUP (seniors male winner):  James Hall WEATHERILL SHIELD (highest placed local female runner): Beth Roberts